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About Chirpy

After our dad passed away a few years ago, our mom, Chirpy, was by herself and needed something to help with her loneliness.  She had always been alergic to cats, but we heard about Siberian cats.  Many people that are alergic to cats just aren't alergic to Siberian cats.  Sure enough Chirpy was not allergic.  She decided she would love to have a litter of kittens...That was the beginning of Chirpy's Cats.  She only has about one litter a year and they are the best taken care of kittens anywhere.  If you are looking for a Siberian cat to be a great pet, this is a great place to look.  Chirpy raises the kittens at her house.  I , Glenda, help her find homes for the kittens.  We are a very small cattery that raise Siberian pets only. 


Welcome to Chirpy's Siberian Cats!

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